Andrei Sarabianov

Dr. Andrei Sarabianov graduated from the Department of Art History at Moscow State University.  He is authored numerous publications on the Russian avant-garde, including such books as The Unknown Russian Avant-Garde in Museums and Private Collections (1992); Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné (2002); and Biography of the Painter Lev Bruni (2009).  He is also a publisher of books on the subject, including the series “Archive of the Russian Avant-Garde.”  Sarabianov directs the Avant-Garde Center in the Jewish Museum/Center of Tolerance.  There, he curated the exhibition “To Be Called For. Collections of the Russian Avant-Garde in Regional Museums” (Moscow, Spring 2016 and Spring 2017). Together with the art historian Vasily Rakitin he compiled and published Encyclopedia of the Russian Avant-Garde in 3 volumes (2013-2014, and has authored over 250 entries in this publication.  Currently, he is studying collections of avant-garde art in Russia’s regional museums.