Amir Gross Kabiri is a businessman who leads governmental and civil strategic construction projects.  Since 2004 he has served as president of the Paris-based M. T. Abraham Foundation, which aims to support educational and artistic events by organizations and institutions worldwide. He oversees international exhibitions and educational programs in museums and art institutions that fulfill the foundation's mission of keeping its art collection in the public eye.  Mr. Kabiri has made donations and been actively involved in fundraising, publication projects, object loans, and exhibition collaborations with a range of institutions, including the Yad Vashem Library, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the State Hermitage Museum, the Van Abbemuseum, and the Kunsthaus Graz. He is head of the Hermitage Foundation Israel, in which capacity he represents the museum in its artistic, scientific, cultural and educational activities as well as other global missions. Through the Hermitage Foundation Israel, Mr. Kabiri is working closely with the Cultural Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its efforts to globally expose and promote Israeli and Jewish culture and art.